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About us

The IT Micro Consulting project was born as a response by SETESCA to the needs of some of its clients. There are clients who, due to training or size, do not need a complete consulting project, having very specific doubts or needs.

At SETESCA we help define and align ICT strategies, provide the right skills and experiences, save time and money, simplify complex projects, and protect your valuable business data. We build strong networks and seamlessly transform the business to achieve the best results.

Through IT Micro Consulting we put at your disposal all our knowledge and experts to meet your company's needs, either by purchasing documents, templates or IT reports or by hiring our new One2One IT Micro Consulting, where You can access our experts by video call so you can ask them any questions or request their help in your projects.

A different and modern consulting model, at SETESCA we use a different IT consulting model. Other consultancies offer consultancy on innovation, at Setesca we offer a truly innovative model of technological consultancy. At SETESCA we focus on SOLVING the needs of our clients and ENRICHING their management and decision-making capacity through the improvement of processes and the effective implementation of technologies.

At SETESCA we help you to have the solution you need and pay for the value you get, because we want to improve the COMPETITIVE VALUE OF OUR CUSTOMERS THROUGH TECHNOLOGY.

Some of our experts:


Jordi Damia Lopez

CEO at SETESCA GROUP, Digital & Innovation speaker. Business Strategy Professor


Juan Carlos Gutierrez



Marcelo Granieri

Digital Transformation-Business Agility-Portfolio & Program Management-Banking-Telco-Executive Education-E@learning

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 12.23.24.jpg

Mario Fernandez

ICT management, process improvement and technological innovation


Jose Maria Corcoles

CIO - IT Director Corporate Services


Joan Antoni Munso

Director of Technology and Innovation

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